Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday Summary

This week, I have mostly been...

Badge-making | A friend ordered 10 badges from my official site, Beebop Badges -- -- to be sent to New Zealand. I'm really hoping they don't get caught up in customs!


Loving | these 'Swimmers' photographs by Tamar Levine for Litrof Magazine

{All photos by Tamar Levine, via here}

Watching | Once (the film, this time!)

A very different feel to the musical but beautiful nonetheless. Love the sight of Girl pulling her vacuum through the streets of Dublin as if it's a dog!

Reading | my friend Pippa's blog, The Yankee Doodle Nobles -- she and her husband have been seconded to NYC for a year for her husband's work, and Pippa is writing up their experiences. They've already been on an epic, pseudo-historical road trip to New England (and sampled some quality lobster and Ben & Jerry's). Do have a look -- it's a great perspective on life in the States from a very English couple. (Pippa's the friend with whom I went trapezing last year!)

{photo by Pippa Noble, via here
Applauding | my friend Fiona as Jane Eyre in the local Opera Club's production of ... I forget. Vilette? I've never seen Fiona perform outside the rock choir we're both in and she was just magnificent in a very hardgoing role - she was onstage and singing for much of the night.

Admiring | the brevity of Google Poetics on Twitter (short poems created from Google searches)! Odd and profound...

Pinning | Bookworm socks on Pinterest. Hellzyeah.

And doing the highland fling along to this wonderful Scottish band medley of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs by comedian Dean Park. Just because.

Also spying this week | Barbie sans makeup via Stylist Magazine's website. Looks a teeny bit like Joey's agent Estelle in Friends... (in her heyday maybe).

{via here}

Aaaaand, especially for World Book Day 2014, Fun with The Worst Witch! Hurrah for Mildred! And hurrah for Jill Murphy!

Oh and while we're at it... do also check out Egmont's inclusion in the World Book Day haul -- Barry Loser: I am nit a Loser! (smellchecked by Jim Smith). Yay!

Have a good week -- apparently the apocalypse a pretty bad storm is due tonight in the South of England (where I's at). Stay safe. But don't panic buy. That's just daft.

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