Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday Summary

This week, I have mostly been…

Reading | Middlesex

{via HarperCollins UK}

I began reading this novel previously last year from the library but couldn’t quite get into it – the lengthy family history preceding Calliope’s conception put me off at the time – but I’ve given it another go and am heartily enjoying it. I’ll give a fuller review once I’ve finished the novel.

Enjoying | Once

This stage adaptation of the small but mighty film of 2006 is an unusual musical compared to the shows I’m accustomed to which are, essentially, big tunes on a big stage with big voices. Once is beautifully pared down to the vocal and musical talents of the performers. The story centres on an Irish ‘guy’ and Czech ‘girl’, names unnecessary – though I believe he was ‘Donal’ – who meet in a Dublin pub when the guy is struggling with his own music and with the break-up that has instructed his song-writing. The girl quickly becomes his muse, and a beautiful relationship blossoms forth – along with beautiful music. And some great comic timing.

Rewatching | The Devil Wears Prada

The September Issue

Sliding Doors

The latter of these seems suddenly painfully dated. Still a great concept though. And who doesn't love John Hannah in this film?!

Choosing | Fairy lights for QB Heights. It’s a very important decision, you know…
{DAPHNE by Habitat} 
{MIA by Habitat}

{Red berry lights by Paperchase}
Eating | Cheese and chutney ciabatta. For the alliterative value.


Other interweb finds this week (mostly clipped to Evernote):

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21 Glorious Moments in Punning History (and one awkward typo that could have been avoided)

And finally… pugs in crochet hats. Say. No. More.

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