Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday Summary

This week, I have mostly been...

Swimming | I clocked up 90 lengths on Wednesday night, possibly the most I've achieved to date. WOOT! I'm aiming to swim the century by the end of the year -- I don't think that's an unreasonable goal. I've somehow managed to get from an average of 30 to an average of 60, 64 lengths in the last couple of months, my stamina is improving and I'm just more comfortable in the water. I put it down to the superb distraction provided me by the MP3 player.

Appreciating this article on the BBC News site: Walking more 'would save thousands' of lives in the UK

{image (of walker in Arkansas, US...!) via BBC News}

but also thinking, if country roads were safer for pedestrians people might walk even more...

Reading Penelope by Rebecca Harrington | My review is here on Goodreads -- I enjoyed the book on the whole but the dialogue, with few contractions of personal pronouns, was at times jarring.

Loving these Labyrinth-theme Halloween costumes:

{via Jezebel}

Admiring these beautiful newspaper papercuts by Myriam Dion on The Jealous Curator:

Reminiscing over 90s bands long forgotten (by me) such as Space -- here's Neighbourhood:

Cackling over... 1) Pinterest fails | safe in the knowledge that actually I could probably do no better than many of these attempts...

{via Buzzfeed}

2) Bad Lip Reading music videos on YouTube (thanks to my friend Louise who posted the link to a truly splendid reinterpretation of James Blunt's You're Beautiful) | Here's Gotye's cerebral, lesser-known hit, Kicked Your Monkey:

Oh and I've also been barn-dancing. Sometimes it's necessary.

Have a quirky week, friends!

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