Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Summary

So... this is something new I'm going to try to maintain. Previous form decrees that any attempt at a regular post falls by the wayside within about four tries due to time pressures or just a lack of inspiration but -- I'll give it a go, eh?

This week, I have mostly been...

Absorbing Jane EyreA friend of mine is in a musical adaptation at the end of this month so I thought I should gen up on the story, having never read it previously. Let's just say, I'm now hooked.

* I read the novel first (it took a little getting into as I’m not used to the language any more). Subsequently loved the novel and the palpable chemistry and passion between Jane and Mr Rochester.

* Then watched the 2006 miniseries on DVD. Subsequently loving the palpable chemistry between Ruth Wilson’s Jane and Toby Stephens’ Rochester.

* Then ogled and coveted this Penguin Drop Caps edition of Jane Eyre: gaudy, but fabulous.

Discovering David Levithan | On Wednesday I managed to score myself entry to an interview event with David Levithan, author of Every Day, Boy Meets Boy, The Lovers’ Dictionary and collaborative author of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, and Invisibility… whoa, he really is prolific! And a great, great advocate for LGBT YA fiction. The event took place at Waterstone’s Piccadilly – I’ve previously seen Michael Grant interviewed by journalist Lucy Mangan there, plus Laura Jarratt on a panel with RJ Palacio and Sally Gardner. #meganamedrop

{Photo via @EgmontUK on Twitter}
David Levithan was speaking primarily on Every Day (published by Egmont) and his life as a writer and collaborator. It was one of those events in which the author was so dynamic, positive and enthusiastic that I genuinely felt compelled to read more of his material. Every Day is an amazing book that raises questions on the importance of gender and identity, and messed with my head a little bit – read my review over on Goodreads!

Rediscovering Grug | 

This is Grug. "Grug began his life as the top of a Burrawong tree. Resembling a small, striped haystack with feet and a nose, he is fascinated by the world around him and solves everyday problems creatively and without fuss." via here

I lived under the myth for many years that I was able to read this book [by Ted Prior] by myself when I was two, on a plane to Norway. The truth is I probably just recited it but – semantics. I accidentally discovered this Grug toy while Googling book and plush box sets for work purposes. Screamed a little bit. How cool is he?! Answer: VERY.

Singing The Air That I Breathe // The Hollies

With rock choir. Struggling with limited lung capacity. Need to work on that.

And finally, clipping these links and articles to my Evernote. Do you use Evernote? I was a cynic to begin with but now everything I need to remember and recall goes on there. I have it on my PC here at home, and synced to my work Mac and my phone. Brilliant.

Why is a children's book about rabbits being read at weddings?

Caitlin Moran's posthumous advice to her daughter (she's still alive, folks, don't worry)

Haiku to celebrate last Thursday being National Poetry Day, and haiku being the only poetry I can master...

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