Thursday, 18 July 2013

Midsummer Blog Crisis

How is it a whole month passes between blog posts?!?

I know I've tried to reinvent this blog a few times since I launched it, and I really think I need to do this again. I don't know why I've become so slack in posting... or perhaps I do. Perhaps I don't think that anything I could write on here is new, or of any real interest to anyone but me. I don't live a truly stagnant life -- they let me out sometimes (!) but I'm more prone to Instagram those moments, photograph them and share them on Facebook than blog about them. And perhaps that's where I'm going wrong.

I'm also hugely inspired a lot of the time by what I see, hear, taste, smell... but I never quite get around to encapsulating those things in blog form. I follow a whole host of blogs and I admire every one of those bloggers for their regularity and consistency in blogging and then I wonder why I can't pull my finger out and do the same.

So, I need to step back and rediscover my POV, my aesthetic, as it were.

Bear with. Please.

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