Sunday, 17 February 2013

And so you're back from outer space ...

Or so it seems when I go off on my little sojourns of bloglessness...

That said, I came down with an odd bug on Wednesday night (roughly ten minutes before our Ash Wednesday service kicked in... urgh...), so by Thursday morning I was walking round like a complete space cadet, barely able to string a sentence together and aching like the elderly. I even left work early which I haven't done in some years, as I felt pretty flippin' grim. 

Cartoon by Stephen Collins for the Guardian, via here

Luckily, being Ms Singleton von Spinster I had no plans for Thursday night...

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Hours of bed-rest and restful reading (just finished Molly Ringwald's superb novel-of-short-stories When it Happens to You and started The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky)... 

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paired with my stalwart remedies of OJ, Ribena, ibuprofen and chicken soup, have helped me back to something close to normality. Hurrah! (Has to be said that CSI:NY is a great remedy also. I am a bit in love with Detective Mac Taylor. And I rate Stella Bonasera and Jo Danville equally as female leads.) 


I think part of the problem (Dr QB in the house) was that my immunity was down because I was just trying to fit too much into my life at one time. Now, I'm not one of these 12-hour-day-workers but for a while there it felt as though I never got the chance to touch base. I've had Monday evenings at home but then there was rock choir, power-walking, socialising, Lent church services, church choir practice, then next thing I knew it was Friday night, then the weekend would involve more walking (maybe of the Nordic variety -- on 2nd February I took a 7-mile walk through the mud around Guildford):

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...more church services... and come Sunday lunchtime I was downright exhausted. In between working a normal day I was trying to get my new little badge industry off the ground:


and trying to learn a handful of new crafts: crochet, knitting...

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and book-folding* and realising that I could never make enough time in a week for all the things I wanted to do, all the creative things, anyway. Don't get me started on the NaNoWriMo novel I'm still yet to go back and revise, sob sob!

The working cover of the Magnum Opus (hahahaha) I'm yet to edit/finish/look at again... g'argh...

But! Yes! *Book-folding! 

Last Saturday I went along to my local library for National Libraries Day and gave this a go. Now, bearing in mind I am, on a personal level, anti-eBook (on account of the fact I feel they're soulless... and yes I do know they're superb to take on holiday, and good for people with reading difficulties but as a viable modern alternative to printed matter? NO!) and would normally never advocate damage to a book I have to say repurposing an old and less-than-upstanding piece of literary (Fifty Shades, anyone?!) is hugely satisfying. (I have a lot of double standards. :))

We started by executing a few basic folds, then chose one fold to carry through the whole of one book. Heh, here I am making a hedgehog out of a book of differential equations -- would have been more successful had I not tried making different folds out of the first few pages!

Photo by @SurreyLibraries

I then went on to fold an old copy of The Vampire Diaries into this rather fabulous lantern shape, folding the top of each page into the 'gutter' of the book, then folding the bottom of the page, to form an arrow. Comme ci:

Different formations of fold can result in a multitude of effects, like a Christmas tree, a heart (I'm trying to perfect that one) or even words spelled out like zis (both by Isaac Salazar):

Book-folding by Isaac Salazar, via here
It's addictive, let me tell you. And also very relaxing. I've polished off another two books since:


Why, yes, that is a Ladybird Classic Fairy tale... (Chicken Licken)
BUT I bought it for 10p in the charity shop and its first two pages were already torn. No sacrilege here.
I've not been hugely successful in the media of crochet or knitting but book-folding is gratifying and manageable. 

I think I just found my new hobby fo' sho'.

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