Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Irregular Blogger...

...Yep, so, after two weeks I've pretty much dropped Five Senses Friday.

But here's the issue. I don't want to drop blogging altogether. I love reading other blogs (OK, sometimes I skim-read and squeal at the beautiful photos) but I just can't seem to commit to blogging my own life right now. Because on the surface all it is is this:

Sleep. Work. Sing in rock choir. Sing in church choir. Walk occasionally. Worry about not training for the MoonWalk. Worry about not having time to write. Try to build badge-making industry...
buy one here as of Monday!

But I'm also now part of the Illustration (OK, general crafting) Club at work -- we're practising knitting next week. I love Pinterest, I love Instagramming, photography, photographing food... rubber stamps... making badges... I just haven't managed to put all of these into blog form. And probably because I'm trying to make the quirky brunette into something it's not when actually all it needs to be is a reflection of moi. (I felt a bit of a One Tree Hill theme tune sing-along coming on there but stopped it in its tracks.)

So I think what I need to do is just step back, and work out what's blogworthy in my life at the moment, and flippin' well blog about it.

qb x


  1. Blogging's such a funny thing isn't it? I find it's such a combination of trying to set up guidelines, and going with the flow.

    Now, for some reason you haven't been showing up in my feed - going to check my settings and make sure I can see when you post again. And catch up on what I've missed!

  2. Aah, bless you! I probably haven't been showing up as I've been so poor at blogging lately and more active in blog-watching (and I may or may not have a Pinterest dependency issue!) but I've literally just felt the imperative to blog again now so hopefully something will emerge...!

    Hope you're having a gorgeous weekend -- enjoy Sydney! x