Friday, 4 January 2013

Five Senses Friday

Let's see for how long I can sustain this weekly entry!

Here's what I want to do with Five Senses Friday (and it's fairly self-explanatory): take time to note what is most immediate to my five senses -- sight, taste, hearing, touch and smell.

It might also be a good opportunity to give a shout-out to the blog posts I've enjoyed most over the previous week, as well as my last five Pins over at Pinterest, the last five tunes rocked out on iTunes, the last five recipes I've endeavoured (this is the one I may struggle with most of all!)... a bunch of fives, anyway.

Newsflash, though, last evening, my mother attempted to teach me to knit. Actually I didn't do too badly considering my dexterity is poor at best (and at lunchtime I'd had rather a lot of red wine) but I do rather liken my knitting technique (and reason for knitting) to that of Dr Meredith Grey*

via here

*I've only seen one or two GA episodes, I admit. One was dubbed in Austrian German. (Or was that House?) But I did see this one in which Meredith took up knitting. And her technique was, er, enthusiastic but rather chaotic.

I want to be knitting wrist-warmers and coffee-cup cosies before the year is out, people. You heard it here first.

So! Here we go:

Sight (my last five Pinterest pins):

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via here

by Natalie Kucken, via here

via here and here
via here

Tonight's tea: gammon, eggs, chips, chocolate ice cream, left-over mini-chocolates. Yep, really healthy!


Last played on iTunes (according to iTunes!):

5.  She's Not There | The Zombies
4. Oboe Concerto in D Minor | Marcello
3. Loved (Acoustic Version) | Richard Marx
2. Elevation | U2
1. A Hazy Shade Of Winter | Simon & Garfunkel


Not sure how to cover this off. But I do love the feel of my rug under my feet, and skidding in socks, and a hot bath... And I've been knitting. So I now have a needle-point indentation in one finger.


I got a bottle of my favourite perfume, Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet (for women) for Christmas and have worn it every day since! Not sure how best to describe it except it's not so much floral, it's quite edgy, a teeny bit vanilla maybe?

And right now my new website is making NO SENSE and crashing every time I edit or deign to upload one of my product visuals. Not happy.

...Do you ever get frustrated and tense that there aren't enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month, months in the year for everything you want to create?! 

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