Saturday, 12 January 2013

Five Senses Friday (belated)

Yep, onto the second week of Five Senses Friday and already I'm a day late!

Sight: Les Misérables -- saw this last night. It actually exceeded all my expectations -- don't ever trust a trailer, is my advice. Oh and don't watch any lead-up documentaries. Just sit down, have the tissues ready and let the film draw you in.

From the opening scenes of the slave ship and Hugh Jackman's wizened (yet still just plain beautiful) face as he works on the chain gang, to Anne Hathaway's frankly heart-breaking and intimate rendition of I Dreamed a Dream* to the uplifting epilogue featuring the whole cast singing a reprise of Do You Hear the People Sing it's just ... superb. Oh and watch out for Gavroche. He will break your heart. There's also a very dashing young man we spotted playing Grantaire (one of Marius' student friends initiating the revolution over a bottle of wine -- actor is a lad name of George Blagden). Watch out for him too.

...I am a massive massive fan of the stage show, have seen it maybe four or five times, seen the anniversary DVD, heard the original concept album, fully paid-up member of the I Heart Les Mis brigade, so I went in with preconceptions that frankly I just had to leave at the door. I will always love the stage show but there is something profoundly moving about seeing the characters' faces so close up.

* Oh and I admit, I was (too) quick to bewail the casting of the over-prolific Ms Hathaway and then after hearing her stripped-back rendition of IDAD on the trailer I bewailed even further. And then I watched the film and retracted all criticism. It works. She works it. She earned her stripes.

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Taste (this week's nom highlights): popcorn, chocolate brioche, home-made Black Forest hot chocolate (blackberry syrup, hot chocolate, cream, summer fruits sauce on top -- not on a par with Costa Coffee's offering but not bad either!), home-made carrot and coriander soup (made last Saturday) -- I replaced the crushed chillies with a pinch of cayenne pepper and didn't add crisps on top ...

Recipe adapted from Sainsbury's, here
And I'm working on perfecting omelettes -- great recipe by Delia Smith here! Love 'em with chives.


Last played on iTunes (according to iTunes):

5. When You Loved Me (Live) | Richard Marx
4. And The Beat Goes On | The Whispers
3. Sway | The Pussycat Dolls
2. The Big L. | Roxette
1. Crash! Boom! Bang! | Roxette


I learned to purl yesterday in my continual journey through the wacky world of knitting. Yes.


Fresh laundry. Can't beat it.

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