Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Who be you?

I know. I know.

I haven't blogged on here since September even though there's been more than enough going on in the life of QB to blog about. A trip to Spain, slight change of work role, growing obsession with the capabilities of my badge-maker, fixation with Pinterest, writing a 50,000+ word novel (give or take...) and as a result falling in love with Stereomood and the compositions of Max Richter including the soundtrack to Sarah's Key:

(Heart-breaking film. Really.)

What else? Work, sleep, coffee-consumption, compulsive cake-and-biscuit baking...

You'd think I'd find the time to blog as well but no.

It's nearly 2013. I vow to do better next year. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by (other people's) creativity and I just want to jack in reality and make pretty things. But no.

In the meantime here are a couple of highlights of late-September to December (mostly on Instagram -- <3 the 'gram) as my Nikon needs a SERIOUS SERIOUS interior clean before I can release it into the wild again:

September/October: My friend Georgie's Nordic 'guest' cabin in the woods, Chulilla, Spain

October: Fudgy chocolate raspberry brownie -- recipe found in The Simple Things

November: Bis-quits. 

December: Doily snowflakes in the window (and projected artfully onto a wall, natch)

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