Monday, 31 December 2012


Yea verily, 'tis that time of year again when we make promises to ourselves that once in a while we might keep but more often than not... don't.

My So-Called Life, Ep: 'Resolutions'

Like blogging more frequently.

The problem with this blog, I've found, is that a) I have so few readers that actually I feel as if I'm just blogging into the ether. Or blogging to myself. Which, let's face it, I probably am! and b) even after a couple of repurposings and redesigns and reimaginings and various other alterations beginning with "re-" I still don't feel like this blog has a clear direction or voice.

But then I don't want to shut it down because it's become a portal for me to keep following other people's blogs, and a place to collate my Pinterest pins, and sometimes I like the idea that I'm blogging into the ether, because I'm writing for myself... but also not if that makes sense.

But sometimes I think I'm missing a trick here with tqb. 

My friend (and former colleague) Lauren, of The Curious Cat, writes honestly and effortlessly (and admirably regularly unlike moi) about her life experiences, notably her exciting current experience of teaching English in Tarragona; and oftentimes I think, actually, I could do a lot more than just present my holiday snaps with a short blurb of background.

This morning, while chatting to my best friend as her beautiful children ran (almost) tirelessly around a local soft play gym, I expressed my concern that I didn't have any news to impart to our friends in Australia and New Zealand in a group email, as:

Bridesmaids, still from here

or in fact children. I am persona non gaga as it were. A freak. I am the only friend among our group of five (well, four; one of us stopped being part of the group when she effectively stopped communicating with us) who's still on her own. At the age of 34. (It's getting silly now.)

But being my best friend she was very quick to tell me that my sprogged-up married friends love to hear the news of their childless single friends (er, me) as it reminds them of when they had a life pre-kids. Of course my conception was that my friends (not just the aforementioned friendship group, all my sprogged-up friends) feel so fulfilled upon sprogging up that they don't need to hear my pathetic news from the realms of the Great Childless and Unloved, population 1: me. But I've got stuff goin' on. Work stuff and rock choir
stuff. Yeah. So I shared that instead. Go me!

But I left a lot out, a lot that I tend to share on Facebook ad nauseum, like, writing a 50,000-word novel, trying to kick-start a badge-making industry from the safety of my front room, er, joining the Illustration Club at work (so I can learn some new crafty skills despite having no real artistic background, just a will to create shizz).

So anyway, I've decided to keep this blog going, try and spread its love a little more, and to this end, share my resolutions for 2013:

1. Walk the MoonWalk in a considerably shorter time than we did in 2012!

2. Spend less time on Facebook and more time creating, writing letters, working on the novel.

3. Increase my cooking repertoire -- back to the Come Dine With Me afternoons!

4. Stop complaining so chuffing much.

5. Sort out finances once and for all.

6. Get Beebop Badges off the ground as a sideline.

7. Go back to visit my friend in Sweden.

8. Read at least 24 books in a year if not more. (I did read more than that this year but I like to have a clear goal!)

9. Blog more frequently!

10. Tone up a bit. Cut out carbs. Generally stop eating so much cr@p. Go back to Nordic Walking.


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