Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Five things catching my beady little eye...

1. Popping candy chocolate spread from Sainsbury's.

Nomness from here

Pops on impact with warm knife, toast or waffle*. Rocking Popping my world right now. :)

2. 90s dance music

Helping me relive my post-student days.

3. The frankly stunning Anna Chlumsky.

via here
Yes, the awkward little girl in My Girl. (From Stylist magazine. Making Tuesdays gorgeous.)

4. Jessie J rocking the Palace at the Jubilee concert.

Her Majesty may have been nonplussed, but while 'legends' Paul McCartney and Elton John were later delivering exceedingly shaky vocals, Jessie was bang on.

5. Waffles*.

Photo par moi. ...I'm kind of a messy eater. :)
Been eating them in abundance this weekend. With jam, crème fraiche and cinnamon, or crème fraiche, raspberries and cinnamon.

Or popping candy chocolate spread.

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