Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I am here watching your form slowly pacing in the dawn as all the stars die ...

Hello there!

Well, I thought I'd kick off the quirky brunette with a line from 'December in New York' by Thea Gilmore. Here's the amazing lady herself as a neat little intro:

I decided to migrate from my previous blog, Amateur Eye, because, erm, no one was actually reading it NO! because despite my trying to rein it in and give it structure I couldn't stick to that structure long enough. My 12-for-12 project fell by the wayside as my day job got in the way. My "Film Fridays" were overtaken by "Two hours' power-walk training followed by falling asleep in front of the telly Fridays".

Also I was hugely intimidated by the fantastic blogs I follow when I can and each one seems to have its own aesthetic that Amateur Eye lacked. Amateur Eye seemed restrictive. It worked at first as an appreciation of photography which is one of my great loves, and then branched out to film, then to music and then sort of outgrew its own brief.

This afternoon on Facebook one of my friends was considering the fact that people do tend to define themselves by their jobs. So, you meet someone new and the first thing they're likely to ask you is, "What do you do?" And immediately you'll define yourself thus: "Oh, I'm a teacher/editor/photographer/vet/gynaecologist/tree surgeon". OK, that's what you do between 9 and 5 (figuratively speaking). After that, what do you do?

And more importantly who are you?

I'd like to use the quirky brunette as a hub of happy. A little base camp for the things I love, which I want to share as I see, read or hear them. The things that really define me.

the eponymous quirky brunette
 (There may not be an inherent structure here but maybe that's a good thing.)

qb x

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